Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Back on deck with a fresh new look and some resolutions!

Hello my beautiful blogging friends,

I am sorry my blog has been so neglected now for the past three months.  I even considered shutting it down, but I am determined that I still want this part of my life.  It has been three months since Nicholas was born and life is starting to get easier in terms of me achieving more during my day...apart from looking after Nicholas and getting lots of delicious cuddles from him.  So my new resolution is at least one post a week.  Not as much as I used to post, but a start.  I have updated my blog a little with a fresh new look and some more recent photos.  I have a candy I am collecting to celebrate me getting back into blogging on a regular basis.  I aim to post all the details about this candy next week.

I have been making a few cards here and there and have more cards published this month.  The ten quick cards feature again.  I am now more than ever a fan of quick cards so I think I will be blogging more of those.  Who doesn't love a card they can whip up quickly, without too much time or thinking?

I do love this magazine.  And did you know that anyone can contribute? If you have considered sending in some cards, or would like to see your own cards photographed in a glossy magazine, why not give it go.  Buy a copy of the mag here, or get a subscription and read all the details on what you need to do.

So I have organised my week with one job to achieve a day...apart from general housework, cooking and washing.  I wont bore you with the details...but Tuesday is blogging day.  I do aim to also return blogging comments as I really do value the friendships I have made on the internet, so here is me turning over a new leaf!

And now for a catch up of cards...

These cards were me literally running to my craft desk, slapping some papers together, scribbling on a message and trying to get them in the post for the peoples whose birthdays were already a few weeks gone.  It was fun to make cards in such a quick way.  They may not be stunning, but at least they are home made!

Well, I have to be off now..Nicholas is up and it is bath time...so until next week..
Alicia xx


Alyce said...

Gorgeous card Alicia! Love all of the colours and beautiful layouts :)

MaxineD said...

Great to see you back Alicia and to see that lovely photograph of Nicholas. My DGS is also getting a better routine and life is returning to some semblance of order there :-).
Those quick cards are great - those dies for cutting out stamps must be a real time saver.

Emma said...

Oh Wow Nicolas is just sooo adorable Alicia! I can't believe he is 3 months alreay!!

Love your cards, especially the two flowers ones! You have done well to get any cards done with a new baby!

Jessie said...

Welcome back Alicia, it's great to see you posting again! I know it's hard to fit in some "me" time when you have kids, especially when they are so young but it's important to do some things for yourself so please don't give up on blogging, just give yourself more time. Congratulations on your publication!!!! Love your quick cards too :)Looking forward to your post next week!

Annette Bowes said...

Super cute photo of Nicholas! Congrats on being published Queen of super quick cards lol! As for the new leaf good luck with that lol! The months just seem to fly by, definately not enough hours in the day, but sooo glad you didnt shut your blog down! Look forward to catching up again one day a sneaking a cuddle before Nicholas is to big to want one lol! Take careX:)

Blankina said...

I am happy to see you back Alicia!!
Great look of your blog..happy to see Nicholas is growing well..Do not neglect your husband...

Ciao from Italy..this week I will go on holiday with my family,


Carol Dee said...

HELLO ALicia. So happy to see you back in blog land. :) Another darling photo of Nickolas.
I think most of my cards are quick cards. More clean and simple I guess. The cards you dashed out look just great, no worries, I am sure they love the fact that they are still hand made.
And congrats for getting published again. :) Hugs...

Sandra H said...

Hi Alicia, Oh its so lovely to see your blog coming up and to know how your doing, Nicholas looks so content and 3months where oh where is the time going?!! l love your new blog and pleased your still using it and your posting once a week is enough with having the little fella to take care off, your cards are brilliant as always and l'm really looking forward to seeing more next Tuesday take care and have a brilliant time with your family xx

Rachel Parys said...

Yay! So nice to hear from you! I totally understand you not wanting to spend a whole lot of time on blogging right now. You will have plenty of time for that when Nicholas is older and in school. These are great cards that you "slapped" together! I have told myself that I need more cards like this that aren't based on a colored image.