Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A bit of everything in this post!

Hello Blogging Friends,

How has your week been?  Ours has been busy.  We went back to Tamworth last weekend to celebrate my Nan's Angelversary.  It is a year today since she passed away.  I know she is always with me, helping me and looking out for me, but I still miss her. Here is a photo of me and my two beautiful nieces on the Sunday when we had the morning tea.  A precious moment with the two of them.  I love them both so much.

I promised Candy last week and I have organised it and will post it today.  Everyone is free to enter.  You just have to be a follower.  Click the link in the sidebar and it will take you to the candy post.  It will allow you to make some very quick cards, just what I love to make these days.

Here is a pic of Nicholas.  He is such a happy little baby.  Laughs and laughs...I find myself smiling so much my cheeks hurt.  We went to Pilates today to a Mums'n'Bubs class.  This means you can bring your baby and have them on a rug next to you while you do the pilates.  It feels so good to stretch all those muscles out.

I have been pinning a lot lately on Pinterest.  If you wish to follow me you can click here.  It is easy to pin on my mobile while feeding Nicholas as it only requires one hand.  Anyway while pinning today I came across a pin that sounded interesting and relevant to me:

Click on the picture to read about how to be more organised in life...tips on cooking dinner, storage, to-do lists etc.  I hope to read a little, because this really interests me at the moment.

And finally a card...or ten...I made these the other day...little notecards for Christmas.  I used LOTV die cuts and the new SU Framelit die.  Sadly I didnt really like how they turned out.  They seemed a bit dull or something.  The Kaisercraft Dec 25th papers were a bit dull and the black just seemed to make them darker.  Oh well, I am sure they will come in handy at Christmastime, dull or not!!

Well thats it for me this week.  Off to post the candy now.  Next week I hope to talk about Copics...my plan for next Tuesday is to have something coloured in!!!
Until then I hope you are having an awesome week.  

Alicia xx

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Back on deck with a fresh new look and some resolutions!

Hello my beautiful blogging friends,

I am sorry my blog has been so neglected now for the past three months.  I even considered shutting it down, but I am determined that I still want this part of my life.  It has been three months since Nicholas was born and life is starting to get easier in terms of me achieving more during my day...apart from looking after Nicholas and getting lots of delicious cuddles from him.  So my new resolution is at least one post a week.  Not as much as I used to post, but a start.  I have updated my blog a little with a fresh new look and some more recent photos.  I have a candy I am collecting to celebrate me getting back into blogging on a regular basis.  I aim to post all the details about this candy next week.

I have been making a few cards here and there and have more cards published this month.  The ten quick cards feature again.  I am now more than ever a fan of quick cards so I think I will be blogging more of those.  Who doesn't love a card they can whip up quickly, without too much time or thinking?

I do love this magazine.  And did you know that anyone can contribute? If you have considered sending in some cards, or would like to see your own cards photographed in a glossy magazine, why not give it go.  Buy a copy of the mag here, or get a subscription and read all the details on what you need to do.

So I have organised my week with one job to achieve a day...apart from general housework, cooking and washing.  I wont bore you with the details...but Tuesday is blogging day.  I do aim to also return blogging comments as I really do value the friendships I have made on the internet, so here is me turning over a new leaf!

And now for a catch up of cards...

These cards were me literally running to my craft desk, slapping some papers together, scribbling on a message and trying to get them in the post for the peoples whose birthdays were already a few weeks gone.  It was fun to make cards in such a quick way.  They may not be stunning, but at least they are home made!

Well, I have to be off now..Nicholas is up and it is bath time...so until next week..
Alicia xx