Wednesday, January 3, 2018

New Year, New Planner, New Blog

Happy New and Shiny 2018 to you!!
A New Year.  
My sister said "it's like being given a brand new book with 365 clean pages to write on".  I love that thought.. a fresh new start!  
I have some fresh new thoughts to share today...
Firstly, our job over at the Kaisercraft Blog today was to prepare our planners for January.  So thats what I did, and it was so good to get organised!  I have purchased a new Kaisercraft Planner for 2018.  I chose the Chirp Planner.  

I teamed it with the Chirp Sticker Book.

I love the colour of this Planner and I set about decorating it with the stickers and with some Kaisercraft Coloured Pencils and Gel Pens.
Kaisercraft Chirp Planner Set-Up By Alicia McNamara

I started with the January Month-at-a-glance spread.

Kaisercraft Chirp Planner Set-Up By Alicia McNamara
Then I tackled each week in January.

Kaisercraft Chirp Planner Set-Up By Alicia McNamara

I decided to divide each day up into sections:
Morning, Nap Time, Afternoon, Night.

Kaisercraft Chirp Planner Set-Up By Alicia McNamara

That way I can write down what I want to complete in these parts of the day or what I ended up doing.  I'm onto Day Three today and so far it is working really well for me. 

Kaisercraft Chirp Planner Set-Up By Alicia McNamara

It was so simple to just colour with the pencils and add some stickers here and there.  Nothing too strenuous at all in this project!

Kaisercraft Chirp Planner Set-Up By Alicia McNamara

I filmed a Process Video of how I put it all together here.

I have a couple of these planning sets for sale.  Inside each Kit is one Chirp Planner and one Chirp Sticker Book.  The price per kit is $50.  If you are dying to have your own send me an email and I will post it to you Australia-wide for free.  Then you will be all set for the New Year too!

Now onto my New Blog news...

I have been wanting to migrate from Blogger to WordPress for some time now.  I also have been needing to change my Blog name.  So I thought it would be a good opportunity to do so between Christmas and New Year when Ben would be on holidays and could hopefully help me make the switch over.

I have been working on this process and it is happening!! I am learning all this new technology and getting my head around setting up my new blog!

The new name of my blog will be: Paper Craft Secrets

My Social Media will all be swapping over to that name and I have a new logo coming, so it is all very exciting!!

Please be patient with me as I master all this newness and give my blog a super fresh make-over!

I will also be having a small online store on my Blog that will house some kits and some of my favourite Kaisercraft Products.

I'm super excited for 2018.  I would like to wish you a magical new year...I look forward to crafting with you!

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