Thursday, November 10, 2011

...And they lived happily every after...

Hi Blogging Beauties,
 I have been missing in action this week.
I have been busy working (teaching) and tutoring after school.
The days have been very hot and so as soon as it gets to 6pm I have been outside watering the gardens while Ben plays with the puppies.  He has taught Ellie and Tommy how to catch a frisbee.  They are very clever we think.

This card I made awhile back for my Mum to take to a Housewarming party.
It was for a retired couple.  The husband is a builder, but I think this will be their last house move.  Mum said the house was divine and the dinner party for 12 was perfect in every way.
My Dad said that each guest at the table had their very own miniature salt and pepper shakers!
I would have loved to seen some photos, of the food, the house, the table setting etc.

Anyway, Mum just loved the card and was happy she had a card and a present.  She said most guests just brought a bottle of wine, so she said that made her present look extra special.  She had gone to a bit of trouble finding the right gift from a lovely gift store we have in town called "The Lemon House".  Like many businesses around here they dont have a website so I cant link it up, but it is a really nice shop.

While I am in conversational mode tonight...I have missed you all...I thought I might share some photos.  Last weekend Mum and I went on a garden walk.  Annually they have a local garden competition where people submit their gardens, the judges judge them, they publish the winners in the local paper and then on a certain weekend you can go and view them.  I took a couple of photos that I thought were worth sharing.

This first one is two old ladders leaning up against each other with Peonie Roses (I think) growing all over.  I thought that was a little different and clever!

More beautiful roses climbing up a trellis.

And another rose.  They are in full bloom here at the moment and are looking amazing!

It was a very inspiring day.  My yard looked quite bare when we came home.  
But one can only handle so much garden I think!!
My vegies are going well, I have harvested and eaten broccoli so far.
But watering everything is getting tricky!

Well...enough of my rambling, thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great week (for what is left of it).  I will draw my October Candy in the next few days so stay tuned!!

Alicia xx


Irene said...

Fabulous card Alicia, love the little birdhouse.Lovely pics of the roses on
you walk round the gardens, I'm very jealous, my roses never look like that.
Irene xx

Carol Dee said...

Wonderful Rose photos. Great new home card. And keeping my fingers crossed for the Oct. candy!!!! Have a wonderful day. Hugs...

Sandra said...

Hi, Wow your card is just so gorgeous and love all the flowers bet they smelt lovely too!:) Sandra H

Loz ♥ said...

hey, I'n not a big rose fan but don't they look stunning! love your card too, hope you've been feeling well... got your energy back yet?? take care xx

Annette Bowes said...

Beautiful post Alicia. Love your cute card, pretty papers and layout. Love the ladder idea you saw, very clever. We have been lucky only had to water a couple of times, keep getting the rain, everything is growing especially the weeds lol! Have a wonderful weekend, take careX:)

MaxineD said...

Hi Alicia - great to see you back - those roses are lovely - mine are yet to really start flowering. Those were climbing roses on the ladders, Peonie roses are wee shrubby bushes, are are technically not roses... Great way to display them though.
The card is a beauty too, BTW.

Leigh said...

Aaawww such a cute image. Love the photos of the gardens...beautiful.

Liz Weber said...

Beautiful card Alicia, so pretty and bright and fun! Love those flower photos, that ladder idea is awesome, TFS. Hope you are well and taking care of yourself.

Mary J said...

Stunning! Your garden and the card!!

Our garden is horrid - gone to brown and the leaves are all over the lawn! so nice to see your blooming roses!

Thx for sharing Alicia!

Cindy said...

Alicia, This is a beautiful card!! I love the dp and that swirl!! Your flowers are gorgeous!! What a nice yard!! Thank you for visiting my blog!! Come back again!!