Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Project Life Update


MaxineD said...

So many photos - so little time!!
Great record for the future though Alicia.
Lil'M has finally cut his first tooth - on his 7 month birthday!!

Saam said...

Gosh, you've been busy Alicia, 3 posts today! I like the teal/yellow(?) colour scheme on the page with the insert.
A question: how do you find Big W for print quality? I haven't used them, I've been using officeworks and am thinking of trying elsewhere. Some of the colours came out different to how I edited them.
Another question: are you able to film in landscape mode on your iphone? It might help get more in the frame instead of scanning across and back. :)

keep up the good work!

Jessie said...

I love it!!!!! You should be really proud of yourself!

Rachel Parys said...

This is fantastic!!! You will be so happy you put the work into this. I hate getting photos printed! It's so darn expensive! That is probably why I have fallen so far behind on my girls' photos. Thanks for sharing this, it makes me motivated to work on my family's pics!

Sandra H said...

Oh Alicia thank you for the update and all of those lovely pictures thank you for sharing this x