Friday, October 18, 2013

Hello out there

This feels so weird to be writing a blog post.  It seems like another lifetime when I maintained this blog and sometimes posted nearly every day!  I have been thinking about blogging lately and all of a sudden here I am at my computer, typing away.  Since my last post in June we have moved house and Nicholas is walking.  I have published more cards and have been making lots, just not photographing them or blogging about them.

I have taken a few classes at Big Picture Classes, dusted off my sewing machine and made myself a skirt, read some awesome books, have been trying to keep up with my Project Life, and have started Nicholas' baby album.
And just the usual of cooking dinner, keeping the house tidy and spending lots of time with Ben and Nicholas.  Life is good, really good.  I am extremely grateful for everything we have.  We are so lucky.

How are you?

Alicia xxx
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