Saturday, March 29, 2014

I Met Heidi Swapp!!!

Hello Friends,

I had an exciting time meeting Heidi Swapp at Spoltlight on the Gold Coast yesterday.
I took Nicholas to playgroup in the morning and then we dropped into Spotlight on our way home.  Nicky fell asleep while we were there and was just waking up as this photo was taken.  
(It was his normal nap time, but I am so glad I went!)

 Heidi was so lovely and genuine and down-to earth and friendly.  It was amazing to see her "make pretty stuff" in real life.  The gathering was small and the people were friendly.  Heidi showed us how to make this little tag/card using her awesome new glittery sprays and stencils.  It was fun!! Then she signed it for me.

Plus, my name was pulled out of the hat and I won this!!! How cool!!!

Made my day was super fun and a real treat for me.
Becky Higgins is going to be at Spotlight on Monday and I cant wait!!!!
I will hopefully blog about that too.

Have a happy weekend,
Love Alicia xx

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