Monday, August 11, 2014

The Monday Message

Happy Monday to you!

My Aunt sent me this photo when she was visiting my Mum and Dad a few weeks ago.  There is a real story behind it.  This is a photo of my Grandma's first car.  It is still on my Mum and Dad's farm today.  My Grandma did not learn to drive until my Mum (her third child) was in High School (so probably late 1960s). Her brother bought her this car and Mum says Grandma was so proud of it! 

I can only imagine my Grandma driving this ute down their tree-lined drive way and on the road into town.  It makes me smile.  Imagine the freedom she then had, her own car and licence.  I bet she would have smiled the whole way into town, her heart bursting with joy! Do you know the feeling I can escape from everything, the possibility of amazing things!

I hope you have a fantastic day today! 

Alicia xx

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