Monday, August 18, 2014

The Monday Message

Hello, and Happy Monday!

This week's quote - Relax and Enjoy The Moment - is something I like to do.  How easy it is to go from one thing to the next, busy,busy, busy, and not stop and enjoy this moment exactly as it is now.
Right now for me, Nicky is asleep, the house is quiet, I am typing away, and its peaceful! The day promises many moments, but right now I am in this one, so I want to relax and enjoy!  Today I am going to concentrate on enjoying the moments.

By the way, this photo is taken from our balcony.  Our apartment backs onto a Golf Course and it is very pretty, especially when the sun sparkles on the water. Each time I look out at it I am grateful for the opportunity to live here.

On another topic today, you might notice a mini make over on my blog.  I read on Pinterest that blogs really do need a photo of the person writing the blog, to make it seem more personal and so the readers feel like they are connecting with the writer.  I needed a new photo of myself so Ben took this yesterday.  So now you can connect with me! Lol! Thats me! Thats what I look like on a good day, when I have done my hair and make-up!  Thats my new t-shirt I bought this weekend.  I also changed the font a little.  I will be working on my sidebar too, so stay tuned for a few more changes!

Speaking of changes...I am really interested in what you would like to read about on my blog.  I have been searching for a little direction with my posts...These are the things I have been writing about:

  • Cards I have made
  • Pocket Scrapbooking Layouts
  • Traditional Scrapbooking Layouts
  • Close to My Heart Products
  • The Monday Message
  • You Tube Process Videos (Another one coming this Friday)
Would you like to see more of this?

I am interested in writing about:
  • Ways to get your Cards Published in Magazines
  • How to make time for Crafting
  • Recipes we are currently eating
  • Photos of my family and life
  • What I am currently Learning about
  • Blogging Tips
  • My latest shopping goodies

Let me know in the comments below what you like reading about and seeing on here.  I will be very interested in your response.

Have a beautiful day,
Alicia xx

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