Monday, September 19, 2016

Introducing Billy Blake : )

On the 1st of September we welcomed the beautiful Billy Blake into our family : )  He was born at 10:54 pm, weighing 8 pound 2 ounces or 3695 grams.  He was 50 cm in length.  My labour was induced and it took a long time for anything to happen, but once it did begin, everything went smoothly and I was relieved at (and very grateful for) how much easier it was the second time around.

Nicky is a very proud big brother and has been a wonderful help to me assisting with nappy changes, sharing his bath, checking on Billy, choosing him outfits etc etc.  

These photos were taken the day after Billy was born, in the hospital.  We are super blessed to have these two gorgeous boys to look after and we really cant believe how lucky we are.  I am currently adjusting to sleep deprivation lol! So far Billy has been a very good baby, but has had a bit of wind pain.  Most of my blog posts have been scheduled for September in preparation for a little less time for blogging.  Behind the scenes I have still been crafting away while Billy sleeps so there is plenty more to come here on my blog.  Thanks for stopping by : )

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