Monday, September 19, 2011

Happy and Sad News

Hi Blogging Beauties,

Long time - no post, I has been busy and I am behind with card-making.
I need to share some news first though.

I was very excited to have some of my cards published in this month's edition of Australian Cardmaking Stamping and Papercraft...yay!!!!!!!!!! card is even on the front cover!!!
(It is the bottom card in red with the Christmas baubles.)

So I am very proud and excited.

The sad news is that Herbie the lamb passed away.
It was devastating for really depresses me when an animal dies.
I get really sad and down...but unfortunately he just wasnt meant to live.
It was a horrible rainy day the day he died....

But, life goes on and the cycle of life continues.
We tailed 187 lambs last weekend at Mum and Dad's, and that is a lot!
We had to give them injections as well.
They are much healthier when they have their Mum's milk...the mix-up milk is just not as good.

Just before I is a little card I made for my cousin James for his 21st B'day and a matching present.

I hope you are all well and happy : )

Thanks for popping by.

Alicia xx

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