Friday, March 30, 2012

Moving News

I havent blogged this week as we have been in the middle of our move to Newcastle and we dont have our computer set up yet so I have to use Ben's ipad. I did take a photo to share with you but I cant work out how to load it up. Our new house is right opposite the beach at Stockton. The puppies are settling in well. We have been taking them for walks and they have been loving it. I have been busy unpacking boxes...not so fun. I have completed the kitchen, bedroom and am moving onto the baby room today. We still have another load of stuff to pack up at our old house and then try and fit into this house which is about one third in size so I dont know how we will go with that. I havent been making anything as my craft things are still all boxed up, but I hope to colour something today. Ben has been settling in to his new job and really likes it so that is very good news. He catches the ferry across the Harbour to get to and from work. Hopefully our new computer will arrive early next week and our internet might get connected about then too so I will hopefully be back to blogging again. I hope you have had a good week and will talk with you again soon. Alicia xx
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