Friday, September 28, 2012

Mad for Markers New Release and Exciting News

Hi Blogging Friends,

You may have noticed I missed my Tuesday post.  Unfortunately the day just came and went and so did the next day...Nicholas has been teething and I havent had much time to get anything done.  But the good news is we have had a day of relief and my Mum has come to stay for a few days so a few windows of time are occuring again.

This card above and the journal page below are using new digi images designed by Sammi at Mad for Markers.  They are so much fun to colour and have only just been released.  Check out how everyone else coloured them up here.

I had a lovely time colouring these up for Sammi.
I am really enjoying making the Journal pages...I am loving writing a bit more.  I bought a new journal yesterday from Kikki K.  Pages already coloured, for me to get down a lot of thoughts circulating in my head that I really want to record, but feel a bit time-limited at the moment.  I didnt want to be dictated by backgrounds and pictures, sometimes just writing and doodling is enough.

I am also very excited about some cards I will be making for my cousin who is a Naturopath and healer.  She has her own company in Bali and you can go there and do a fasting program to lose weight, or just cleanse your body and get healthy.  They have yoga and massage and healings for their clients to feel healthy again.  The company is called Natural Instinct Healing  and you can read all about it and watch a promo video here.  All their clients are going to receive a hand made b'day card from me! A bit exciting especially as some of the clients are very famous...but I am sworn to secrecy on who they are!!

Lastly here are some photos of our beautiful Nicholas and Honey chilling out on our bed.  He is really starting to communicate a bit more with the sounds that come out of his mouth...little laughs for "I like this" and little grunts and groans for "I dont".  We began solids this week as he is a big boy and becoming VERY interested in food.  He has had baby rice cereal and carrot so far so good.  He loves animals and enjoys seeing Honey whenever she walks past.  Luckily so far she has been quite tolerant of his "pats".

Hope all is well with you this week.

Thanks for stopping by,
Alicia xx

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