Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Weekly Post

Hello Blogging Friends,

How has your week been??  Have you heard the song "Days go By" by Keith Urban??  It hit me this week as I was listening to that song and the lyrics finally made sense to me...the weeks are just flying by, life is going by so quickly.  If you have never heard the song you can watch and listen here.  I kind of wish life would slow down a little...  Keith says we better start living...  I often think about this.  Trying to enjoy life and make the best of it.  I have been so conscious since we had Nicholas to enjoy and treasure every moment.  He is five months old now and has brought us so much joy.  Life is different now... I have very little time to make cards or blog.  I used to have so much more time...but it is replaced with other beautiful things like snuggling up to Nicholas and watching him smile, giggle and grow (and cry!).  It has all been about getting to know his personality and trying to figure out the things he needs and what makes him feel safe and loved.  

In my quest for better organisation, and after much Pinterest research I have come up with this arrangement on my fridge.  From the left: a Weekly Meal Planner and Shopping List, A Daily Planner, A Weekly Planner and a Weekly Planner Job List for each day of the week.  This has been working well to keep me motivated in cooking dinners and cleaning the house.

Ooops! I have nearly forgotten to tell you about the cards at the top.  These were published.  A set of Ten Quick Cards.  They are actually little note cards and have been very handy in sending out little notes to family and friends.  Made using Kaisercraft Hummingbird papers and die cuts.

Lastly some pictures of Nicholas growing.
He can sit up in the bath now and splash.

We have bought him a toy he can sit in and bounce in and play with moving toys.  It takes batteries and makes noises and lights flash etc.  This is to assist me do a few little jobs around the house and to give him a bit of learning and fun.  He loves it for short time periods.

Lastly a photo of Nicholas and I playing around.  He loves to be held up in the air.  The teeth are still bothering him.  The two bottoms are making their way up, but it is now the top gums that seem to be causing him distress.

Well thats it from me for another week.  
See you again soon,
Alicia xx
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