Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I met Becky Higgins!!!

I had the pleasure of meeting the famous Becky Higgins today! What an honour.  She is so beautiful in person and her passion and enthusiasm for life is energising!  I managed to sit and chat with her for a little while and have my photo taken and get her autograph.  What a joy! Nicky came too.  He wasnt so interested - I have no idea why!! I will have to work on his love for Project Life.  Lol.  Watch this space in a few years he will have his own album for sure!

Just wanted to blog this famous encounter!! It was a special day for me!!! I don't want to forget it : )


Maxine D said...

Looks as though you enjoyed it, even if the little man is already showing signs of boredom :-).

Loz said...

You look great Alicia (and warm! It's freezing down here now!!) and look how big Nicholas is! Hope everything is going well for you all xox

Leigh said...

Oh wow, that's fabulous Alicia.

Blankina said...

Oh I am happy for you! Great to see some new pics,
Hugs Blankina

Carol Dee said...

I looks like the 2 of you hit it right off! What a good boy Nicholas is. I could have NEVER taken my boys on such an outing!

Sandra H said...

Hope you had an enjoyable day x