Friday, September 19, 2014

Baby Cakes ~ Picture My Life ~ Week Two ~ Pocket Scrapbooking

 Hello, and Welcome to my Week Two post for Picture My Life Baby Cakes!

If you missed Week One you can read and watch here.
Today I have two layouts to share.  These layouts will become the second and third page in my Baby Album. I am working through the album in chronological order.

Layout #1
In the first Layout I included four photos and one journalling card.  On the three 4x6 photos I added an embellishment I cut from a 3x4 or 4x6 card from the kit adding in how old I was in each of the photos. I am considering details that might be important for future generations to read.  I also added a little embellishment to the 3x4 and 4x6 filler cards.

Layout #1
I cut out this happy banner from a 4x6 card.  I made another little tag and attached it to the banner.  I wrote the date on this banner. I adhered the whole thing with 3D tape directly onto the photo.

Layout #1
Here I added some hearts I cut from other cards and some Close to my Heart Gold Sequins.

Layout #2
 The second Layout focuses on the event of my Baptism.  The photos have lots of detail so I didn't want to add any extra embellishments.  The background of the photos is quite historic because this is where my family goes to church and the buildings have all changed since these photos were taken.  This adds to the feel of the photos, and I didn't want to cover any of these details up.

Layout #2
I made a few adjustments to the filler cards by cutting and layering different cards and adhering them with 3D tape.  I love the cute giraffe picture and I love all the little clouds and love hearts in this kit.  It really is so cute and so "baby".  Its a very well-designed kit.  You can watch the video of how I made the second layout below.

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