Monday, September 8, 2014

The Monday Message

Happy Monday!

You have probably seen this quote on Pinterest - I have and something about it really resonates with me.  I thought it might resonate with you too.

Does crafting somehow help us remember who we are and where we come from?
I think crafting is about creating who you are, or is in someway a representation of who you are, because nobody creates exactly the same way you do.
If we were all given a little package with some paper, stickers, glue and scissors then we would all use those products in an individual way to make something unique.

Thats pretty amazing really.  Its amazing that there are so many people in the world but each person is a unique and special individual, yet we are all alike in how we experience emotions and events.  It is comforting to know that whatever you are currently experiencing, someone else has experienced a similar reality and we are not alone.

For example - we all love getting into our craft rooms/areas and making something!


I have been considering some new storage options for the room we call our "computer/craft room".  Well it doesn't really have a name...but it is one of my most favourite rooms of our apartment.

I have recently moved Nicky's cupboard out of this room and into our bedroom and it has left a little bit of space that could be filled with some extra storage options.  Extra storage would be awesome!!!

I am considering something like this:

Click the picture to go to the store.
It is called a "Multi Purpose Wood Grain 8 Cube Storage Unit" from Target.  Looks very "Laundry" in this picture.  But I know you know what it is capable of.  Its only $89 so not a very expensive addition.  We have the 16 cube one in our lounge room for all of Nicky's toys and it really has been the most practical storage unit ever.  I was thinking that the 8 Cube might be better in a smaller room because it could be easily moved around to fit in with the current furniture.  Something like this could possibly fit into the wardrobe in this room as well.  I think I could use maybe three of these units!

I would LOVE to know what you think!
Do you have something like it in your craft room?

Alicia xx

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