Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I have been shopping ~ see my New Crafty Goodies!

Good morning Crafty Friends,

I have recently treated myself to three new collections!
The first one is the Pink Paislee Solstice range - I am loving this nautical/summer collection filled with stickers and lots of gold!

I have to admit I couldn't remember what the word Solstice meant so I borrowed this from Wikipedia:
solstice is an astronomical event that occurs twice each year as the Sun reaches its highest or lowest excursion relative to the celestial equator on the celestial sphere. The solstices, together with the equinoxes, are connected with the seasons. In many cultures the solstices mark either the beginning or the midpoint of winter and summer.
The word solstice is derived from the Latin sol (sun) and sistere (to stand still), because at the solstices, the Sun stands still in declination; that is, the seasonal movement of the Sun's path (as seen from Earth) comes to a stop before reversing direction. At latitudes in the temperate zone, the summer solstice marks the day when the sun appears highest in the sky. However, in the tropics, the sun appears directly overhead (called the subsolar point) some days (or even months) before the solstice and again after the solstice, which means the subsolar point occurs twice each year.
The term solstice can also be used in a broader sense, as the date (day) when this occurs. The day of the solstice is either the longest day of the year (in summer) or the shortest day of the year (in winter) for any place outside of the tropics.
I am guessing Pink Paislee were thinking the longest day of Summer with this collection - or maybe the sun being at its brightest and highest - a true, hot summer's day perfect for water activities and boating.

The second range is Notes and Things by Crate Paper.  Lots of yummy layered butterflies, corkboard and splashes of gold!
Notes and Things is a pretty straight forward name...pretty bits of paper and accessories to make notes for others...perfect for card-making!

 And thirdly Teresa Collins - Life Emporium.  I havent opened this set yet, but cant wait! Still waiting on my package of more white card stock to arrive!  This will be my first time working with Teresa Collins products.

Emporium means a large market place or retail store where goods are offered for sale.  But this was designed as a Gratitude/Thank you line of products.  How beautiful! Teresa talks about the thinking behind this line and showcases some of her amazing crafts using these products here.

So that is what I am playing with at the moment.
I know you know how inspiring it is to have some new crafty goodness on your desk!

What are you working on?

Alicia xx
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