Sunday, March 22, 2015

Amy Tangerine Card

Just popping on quickly this morning to share the card I made at Spotlight when I saw Amy Tangerine last week.  I slapped this together in about 3 minutes.

Amy was talking about a challenge her and some friends were doing where you had to scrapbook a layout within 15 minutes and only were allowed to use a certain amount of products.  The goal was to encourage people with a limited amount of time to scrapbook (that would be nearly all of us!) and also to not get too caught up on what products to use.  Well, you know me, I loved that idea.  I love making things fast and I love making things with limited products.  So this card was inspired by that "lets just get it done and get it done fast" sort of approach.  There wasn't enough paper cutters to go around so you can see I hand cut this paper.  Amy challenged us to use one of her paper clips and a sticker or two.

I think I could make twenty cards like this in about 20 minutes.
That would get my birthday stash up and running!!!  Maybe I should challenge myself to this!

Here is another Amy Tangerine card I made awhile back. And lots more Amy Tangerine cards on this post.  You might be interested in having a look at her papers.

Thank you so much for your encouragement on my lounge recovering project.  It felt so good to have your confidence behind me! I am making good progress.  I have done the base of the lounge.  Now I am up to the cushions.  (Left the hardest part till last!) I will blog a post about it.  It is looking good so far.  When you see the before photos you will understand why almost anything would be an improvement on the original ha ah!

Have a great weekend,

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