Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cards, Awards, and Interior Design!

Goodmorning Blogging Beauties,

How are you all today??
We are into our second week of holidays now.
Yesterday was busy, busy, busy so today is another pyjama day!
You are all going to think I am terribly slack I know...but I promise to do a bit of housework too!!
I should already have a load of washing on...but I wanted to blog first and catch up on my comments.

I found that big pile of eggs I was looking for.  There was ten altogether!! Lucky we are in winter and not summer so they were all still ok.  The chickens had laid them in laying box I had put in their outside yard not long ago.  I didnt realise they were using it and I had checked it, but the angle it was on meant I just couldnt see in properly.  Anyway I am onto them now...I know their secret stash!!

Onto my cards today.
These were more I made for a special order, but I wont say who just in case the person might be checking out my blog.  These are rushed night-time photos but the colours have come up pretty good considering.  The sentiment I googled the quote sites for and then I just printed out on my computer.  The Happy Birthday sentiment on the top card is a printed out one as well.  I print out a whole page of Happy Birthday sentiments in all different fonts and sizes so I can have some ready for a card.  It saves money on buying sentiment stamps.

I thought I would enter this in Michelle's Make it Monday again.

I have been watching "The Block" on TV.
Has anyone else??

Room reveal: Jenna and Josh, bedroom two

They delivered their second room to the judges last night.
If you have no idea what I am talking about you can check out the show here:
They are even calling for renovators to apply for next year...anyone keen??
Ben and I would be terrible, we dont have a renovating bone in our bodies!!

The show has motivated us to re-think our lounge room though.
It currently holds everything because this winter we decided to move everything into the room with the fire in it.  And it has been really good because we can watch tv, make cards, get on the computer and Ben can play his guitar all in the one (warm) room.  But it does get a little claustrophobic and cluttered as you can imagine!!

We are thinking of getting a smaller TV unit and coffee table as ours we bought about ten years ago when the larger the TV unit the better and we think if we could get a small, compact one that would save us some space and we could get the other half of our corner lounge back in.   I dont think we would win any decorating awards, but at least we are warm and snug and entertained!!

Well before I go after this long, rambling post I wanted to share three blogging awards that the lovely Claudia sent me.  Thanks you so much Claudia.  I really appreciate it.

Also my blog is featured over at Scrapbook Layout Ideas
I thank Shiela very much for featuring my blog.

Have a great day people...wherever you may be.
love and laughter,
Alicia xx
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