Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Art Journalling, Card, Food and Photos

Hi Blogging Friends,

How was your week?  Tuesday has come around quickly again!
Today Nicholas and I went to Pilates and then shopping.  I stopped in for a hot chocolate and a cup cake while he was asleep in the pram.  This is what they served me...doesnt it look pretty! Raspberry and white chocolate mud cake I think.  It was very sweet and yummy. I ate everything, including the cream, and I dont normally like cream, but I think it was fresh cream mixed with a bit of icing sugar which is my favourite way to eat cream.

I have one card to share.  I made this for my cousin for her 30th birthday.  It is this weekend.  I used Kaisercraft papers and die cuts.  It just all sort of came together.  It was fun and easy to make.  I kept it very simple.

I painted this with watercolour paint and doodled over the top for my art journal.  I tried to do fancy handwriting.  I am finding the art journalling very freeing.  I would like to do a lot more, but my day is very full of lots of things and I have been going to bed very early.  So I havent had a lot of time to do it.  I am working on a special page which will be my Mad for Markers come back piece.  I have been doing a little bit each day.  I am back on with the Mad for Markers team as of September so I am trying to get myself organised for that.

Little Nicholas got his first tooth yesterday.  It broke through the bottom of his gum.  We have been trying all sorts of things for him to chew on.  He has two "gummy" toothbrushes, and this is one of them...so there is dribble going everywhere...as he chews and sucks and gets very frustrated with the whole thing!  Poor little baby, he was in a lot of pain yesterday...almost broke my heart.  We have both been very tired today as a result.

Thanks for reading my blog and your lovely comments.
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Have a lovely week,
Alicia xx


Blankina said...

Looks so yummy Alicia ( intending the cake ofcourse... )
Enjoy your week,
Ciao Blankina

Kasey ~ in Oz said...

Gorgeous Card, Gorgeous Journal page and totally gorgeous baby! Those big blue eyes are WOW. Teething can be a pain for bub and mum!

Cold teething rings used to work for my daughter and bonjella in very small doses to help calm things occasionally.

Kasey ~ in Oz

Gretchen said...

Hi Alicia,
Wow Nicholas is growing so fast. He is such a cutie. Your quick card is adorable. As is the cupcake. Take care

Carol Dee said...

Love seeing you posting again on a regular bases. The card is stunning. I do like lillies. Poor Nickolas, I remember teething. Again I lucked out and boys teethed pretty easy. Poor Grandson, not so easy. Fevers, runny noses, all the yuck. Hope the next one is easier (for both of you.) Hugs...

Sandra H said...

Hi Alicia, oh yummy i could just eat that it looks scrummy!! Nicholas looks so content and he's gorgeous!! l always look forward to your weekly blog update and your card is gorgeous as ever....so colourful too!! enjoy your week xx

Rachel Parys said...

Where's my cupcake!! That's almost too pretty to eat! (almost..)

Love the colors of this card!! So eye-catching! Love the orange! And what a great journal page! I'm not so good at art journals, don't have the time for it right now either.

Yay!! Aren't teeth fun!? My oldest never got a tooth until she was 1 years old! I was terrified she didn't have any! lol!

MaxineD said...

Oh what a beautiful morning tea you have - so glad it tasted as good as it looks!
Your cards and journaling look great - I am starting to wonder if maybe I might start an art journal too.... you inspire me.

So Nicholas is teething - so is Lil'M, way before his sister started teething, so DD is not impressed as Miss 2 has only just finished!


Jessie said...

That looks so good!!!!

Loz ♥ said...

mouth = watering :D how delicious does that look! have fun with the art journalling x