Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Colouring, Cards and Nicholas

Hi Blogging Friends,

Well only just making my blogging post today.  Nicholas and I went to Pilates this morning and had a rest this afternoon.  I have been feeling a bit out of sorts with another milk blockage.  But I think I am almost over it now.  Nicholas is a hungry boy and the milk he requires is a lot.  We have started him on a bit of Farex this week...he has only had about 1/2 a teaspoon in total the last two days...but we have got the high chair out of the shed and he enjoys sitting in that.  Hopefully he will gradually get the hang of it.

The picture I coloured above is the same one as last week, drawn by the talented Sara.  I had another go at colouring this girl...she needs a name...might have to call her Sara! It took me all week to colour her. I only finished today...not at all speedy at the moment.  I wanted to make her a red head.  My Mum and sister both have red hair...and my Mum loves wearing blue so I put her in blue.  Unfortunately I stuffed up her neck.  Nicholas was crying and I was trying to finish her and I grabbed the wrong colour and her neck went way too brown.  I was trying to give her pale skin.  Ben says not to worry...either she is wearing make-up that is a bit too pale for her or she has fake tan on her neck!! So just try not to look at the neck!!  I wanted to give her freckles, but was afraid of stuffing that up too, so I just left her as she is.

I have been making cards, but am working at submitting more for publication, so I really cant show you those.  These two I made awhile ago, but have never blogged them.  I made them using the LOTV die cuts.  They are nice and cheery.

My organisation is going well.  I am achieving most of my daily jobs and generally feeling like I am a bit more on track.  I am supposed to be blogging back with Mad for Markers next month...and am a little nervous about getting my colouring done...I am trying to get my pictures done in advance, but havent had much success so far.  I have picked my image...but thats about it.

I am still researching Art Journals...I have over 100 examples and tutorials pinned to pinterest now.  (Thanks to Bettina...she has been doing some serious art journal research and I have been re-pinning all her pins.) I am so inspired by it.  I am thinking I wont go digital now, I think I would prefer to do it "in real life".  I just have to work out how to fit it into my week...

Finally, here is the gorgeous Nicholas.  I took this photo this morning.  He has rolled over a few weeks ago, but then forgot how to do it.  He was having a good go at trying to roll again this morning, but didnt quite get there.  He is a beautiful boy.  We love him so much...

Well thats about it for me now...I hope you are having a wonderful week.
Thanks for your comments and friendship, and for taking the time to read my blog.

Alicia xx

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