Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Colouring, Organisation, Art Journals and Photos

Hi Blogging Friends,


It is Tuesday again and that is my blogging day.  So here I am...sharing a bit of my week with you.  Since last week I have been doing a lot of research on Pinterest.  I found this amazing colouring tutorial by Sara.  You really need to check it out.  I followed her tutorial to colour this image.  Sara drew the picture of the girl and is giving her away as a free digi you can save to practice the hair, just like she has coloured it.  I used the colours she recommends.  I was very happy with how she turned out.  My first bit of colouring in over three months.  It took me a little while to get back into it...but once I got the hang of those flicks again, there was no stopping me!  I hope to colour some more of these girls soon!


Thanks to Pinterest I have been inspired to "get organised" and "clean out clutter".  I am working on our bedroom cupboard at the moment.  I went to Big W and bought some plastic tubs, got out my label maker and started sorting.  It does look a lot better, but I feel there is still a way to go yet.  I havent shared my own pictures because it looks nothing as glamorous as some of the pictures on Pinterest.  Very basic, but hopefully we can better utilise the small spaces we have in our house and store our things better.

Art Journals

Wow...there is some amazing inspiration for art journals out there...so much so I am going to have to get into it!  I think I am going digital though...as I dont have the equipment or the space to get messy with paints and gesso and stencils etc.  I have come across this site: Art Journal Caravan.  Have you seen it? As soon as I get a free minute I am going to begin.  Stay tuned for hopefully some pages...maybe next week!


Lastly, here are a couple of pics of Nicholas...the sunshine of our lives...getting out and about.  I put his feet in the sand at the beach for the first time yesterday.  He seemed to like it.

I hope you are all well and happy, until next week,

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