Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Art Journalling, Photos and a Card

Hello Blogging Friends,

It is a beautiful day here today.  We have been to Pilates, washed the car, had lunch and I think it is just too nice to stay inside...so after blogging we are off for a walk with the puppies.  I must have got a good night's sleep!! Seem to be full of energy!

This week I have been doing more research on Art Journalling.  I went and bought some supplies and have completed my very first page.  I painted it with water colours onto water colour paper, then used a black texta and a white gel pen.  It was really fun...freeing...easy.  I really put no planning or thought into this...just had fun with it.  There is so much inspiration out there on the internet.  I have heaps of cool tutorials saved on Pinterest.

I took these photos yesterday when I went for a walk.  This is my favourite spot to look back over the beach.  And the photo below is of some daisies growing.  

Alas..no Copic colouring to share this week...but I am determined to get into it...just need some more inspiration I think!  I do have a card to share that I made...a Christmas one...dont know why I am making Christmas cards at the moment...I added lots of glitter as you can see...(sorry the photo seems a bit blurry).

Lastly Nicholas...(and Ben today)! We have been meeting Ben for Lunch on a Thursday which has been fun.  This is them last week at this cafe in Newcastle we go to.  I have bought Nicholas a little hat because he hates the sun in his eyes.  Look at his little tummy!! He is a chubby little baby.  I know you know I love him so much!

Well thats all from me till next week.
Hope your life is happy,

Love Alicia xx

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