Tuesday, July 14, 2009

An Eventful Week...

I can't believe it has been a week since I last posted. It has gone so fast and been very busy! I have quite a bit to share with you tonight...

Firstly, I have got a card to show you. One of my friends at work has had some sad times lately so I made her and her family this little card. I used colours I love her wearing. She has long, chocolate brown hair and she looks stunning in black and red. I coloured the Tilda with chocolate brown hair and used black and red card stock. This Tilda I stamped off Amanda's magnolia stamp. She is cute - but that bouquet takes ages to colour! I did follow a sketch for this card but I was in such a rush to make it I didn't enter it. I would have preferred to stitch around the coloured panels but time did not allow! It kind of looks a bit unfinished I think.

Secondly I wanted to tell you how lucky I was to win Kellie's Magnolia stamp she was giving away and I wanted to show you the gorgeous card she gave me as well. I remember when Kellie posted this card on her website and I loved it! I was so surprised to open the envelope and see this card. It is my "favourite card ever" at the moment! Kellie has used this gathered ribbon in a few of her cards lately and I just love it! I must get some. Thank you so much Kellie for the cute Tilda stamp and the beautiful card.
Thirdly I wanted to post some photos of Ben's 30th birthday party. All our family travelled the 8-hour car trip and came and visited us for the weekend. It was very hectic, but lots of fun! Our two neices and two nephews stayed with us which got a bit CRAZY at times! There was no time for card-making unfortunately, but Charlotte (my four-year-old neice) was very interested in my craft table and was quite keen to make a card of her own.
Do you like the cake? I was pretty happy with how it turned out. I cut out the 30 and decorated it myself (with some help and advice). I haven't made a fancy birthday cake in a long time so I was a bit nervous.
We had about 20 people come to our house and we used the slow-cookers for the main course. Later on the people who brought their guitars got them out and entertained us and we all had a sing-a-long. We played some wii games and it all finished up at about 3:30am. It was a fun party, with a big lead-up and the last of the family leaves for home tomorrow. So all in all it has been an eventful week.
Holidays are now over and we are back at school...I am hoping to stay in that holiday bliss mood as long as I can hold onto it.
I hope you had a lovely weekend. Thanks for visiting my blog.
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