Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Finally, something to post!

Hi fellow bloggers,

I have been waiting to post this for a few days now, but I had to add the last finishing touch tonight after a quick phone call to Mum (which lasted for an hour and then I forgot what I had to ask her and had to ring her back anyway, lol).
This is another scrapbooking page for my baby album. My Grandma died the year I was born which is why I feel she needs a special page of her own in my album. Her name was Alice and I am named after her. My second name, Maree, is after my other Nan - Marie. Both my Grandmas are such beautiful ladies and I always hope that I have traits of their personalites in me.
I started off following a sketch, but then I got a little side-tracked and it didn't end up looking much like the sketch at all.
Life is busy at the moment, end-of-year testing, reports, class-lists, and portfolios are all looming. I need to get back in the routine of making a card one night, then posting it the next night and beginning a new card ready to post the next night. Does that make sense? It helps me feel like I am on top of things! I will hopefully get one finished tonight and have it ready to show you tomorrow. I truely admire the most regular posters and aim to be one of them...but usually life gets in the way!
I hope you have a great evening.
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