Thursday, October 22, 2009


I know you are all going to fall off your chairs when I tell you I had time to make two projects tonight! But they actually took me less than an hour to unusual for me, because I am usually fussing over everything and it takes me such a long time. But, I am actually finding it really liberating not going in any challenges lately and just making what I feel like on the night. No competition, just creating. It is fun...I guess until I run out of ideas and need inspiration.
Anyway, tonight I made a simple baby girl card for my sister to give to her friend. The Kindy-glitz glitter is still a bit wet in the photo. I also made the title page for my baby album. The album is actually starting to come together now. I did use a sketch for this page. I printed the sketch out ages ago from the site but when I went back tonight to try to find it I couldn't.
Another busy day for me today and another one again tomorrow...
Hope you had a fun Thursday...thanks for visiting...
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