Sunday, November 22, 2009

A beautiful gift...

Yesterday I received this beautiful gift from my teaching friends at school...and there is a long story behind it....

Ben and I have made the decision to move to Tamworth. We both grew up there and our families live there so after 12 years of living away we are moving back in January. We have both resigned from our jobs on the Gold Coast. I have resigned from my teaching job and Ben has resigned from his Finance job.

This was obviously a big decision for us to make but we do feel like it is the right thing to do at this time. For those of you who have never heard of Tamworth you can see a few pics here. Basically it is in North West NSW. It gets very hot and pretty cold! It is a regional centre, but we will be living out of town. It will be nice to get out of the city and slow things down a little bit.
Yesterday we had plans to go to Jo and Adam's house for an early dinner, but when we arrived it turned out to be a surprise Farewell party! I was so shocked, I was shaking! Both of us did not have the slightest suspician about the party. We had rocked up in casual shorts and t-shirts ready for a relaxing evening. Many teachers from work were there. It was a lovely night. I felt many emotions, and have still been trying to sort them all out today. I am still blown away that they organised such a wonderful night for Ben and I. It was very kind and thoughtful.
Amanda and Lucinda organised this gift for me. It is truely beautiful and captures five years of memories at our school. A lovely keepsake that I just had to share with you...and some big news!
The reason I haven't posted anything for 10 days on my blog is due to my dreaded reports. I finished them yesterday thank goodness. We have two weeks left now of school. Lots and lots and lots to do. It doesnt seem to ever end. But it will and everything will get done.
Thanks for visiting my blog today. Enjoy whats left of your Sunday...
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