Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A New Arrival...

Hi Blogging Beauties,

I would like to introduce you to Herbie.  He is a day-old lamb that was left by his Mum at my sister's farm.  They already have several bottle-fed lambs and so asked if I would take him.  Of course I said yes as I just LOVE baby lambs.

My sister has a rule at her house dont name a lamb until it is five days old.
This is because they can die very easily.
Unfortunately I am already in love with him and have named him Herbie after my deceased Grandfather because he is so wrinkly and reminded me of him.  I hope he stays alive so I dont get a broken heart!

Ellie and I are sharing the motherly duties.  I feed him and Ellie cleans him up.
They are so cute together.

Last night he slept in a box in our laundry, but tonight he is out sleeping with Ellie. 
I just went and gave him his late night feed and they both seem to be doing ok.
I hope the night goes smoothly for them both because I cant wait for more fun tomorrow!

Here is Herbie taking an afternoon nap.

I just had to share him with you.

Alicia xx
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