Friday, April 24, 2009

A busy day and Lily of the Valley Challenge

Hello! What a busy day today has been...We made Anzac biscuits at school and did lots of talking about the ANZACs...We are also studying "Charlotte's Web" this term and so we managed to get the Charlotte's Web display up on the back wall of the classroom. Then it was home time and I tried to get a bit of housework done and out of the way so I can relax and enjoy the weekend...Finally, then, onto some card making!
I started this Lily of the Valley challenge card last night but kept having trouble with the images, but when I picked it up tonight it all seemed to work, thank goodness! I know I have been using a lot of the same colours lately, but I had lots of pink papers still out from the last card and they just fell onto this card. I wanted to use my new Magnolia stamp again to have a bit more practice with it. It was my good friend from uni Regina's 30th birthday yesterday and I think this card will be perfect to send to her. Hope you like it...
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