Sunday, January 9, 2011

Meet Milly!

Hi Blogging Beauties,

As you may have read, last week we lost one of our pet lambs, Jack. We are not sure how he died, but it was very upsetting. Apart from being great company Jack and Jessie were supposed to be keeping down some grass in our paddock...but with Jack gone, there was no way Jessie would have a chance on her own. We decided to get a goat so after a few phone calls we went and bought Milly.

Milly is four months old and so is a good eater already.
Goats actually prefer to eat thistles than grass which is what attracted us to buying one.
They also make great pets...some people get them instead of dogs. They like pats and human company...but they do bleat loudly a lot!!

You can see in this photo behind Milly our long grass and thistles in this paddock. This is where our chooks go in the day time to peck around and eat grass and worms etc. You can see how much grass is in there and why we are keen for Milly to get munching asap!

Just thought I would introduce you to her! We of course love her already!

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