Saturday, May 21, 2011

New Cards at Aussie Card for Sale

 Hi Blogging Beauties,

Over at Aussie Cards for Sale there are some gorgeous new cards for sale.  I just had to share them with you.  These cards are made by the talented Iwona Palamountain.
Visit Iwona here.

 These cards are made by the talented Natalie Hearn.
Visit Natalie here.

There are so many gorgeous card for sale at the moment so why dont you hop on over here and check them out!  If you see a card you like snap it up quickly.  At $5 each they sell like hotcakes!

Speaking of hopping we had a little hopping friend visiting us this morning...I took some photos thinking especially of Carol and any other overseas blogging friends that might be reading my blog.  I couldnt get up close as he was a little scared and my camera doesnt have a very big zoom on it, but here they are...

Can you see him just near the lemon tree?

He kept trying to get through the fence, but ours are so tall because we have the deer, he couldnt hop over it.

Then he hopped along the fence...I was hoping he would find his way to freedom.

Another shot of him hopping.

Then he found the other corner of the yard and then hopped up the driveway and out!
I googled the totem...I like to do that if you see an animal that you dont normally see, or you think maybe they had a message for you and the kangaroo symbolises balance and strength.  Very relevant to my life at the moment!

Hope you enjoyed the pics. 
Have a lovely weekend.

Alicia xx

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