Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy {Belated} Valentines xx

Happy Belated Valentines Blogging Beauties,

I trust you did something romantic...
I packed Ben a little chocolate and a note in his lunch box and that was our effort...kept it pretty simple LOL.  I did however, receive a beautiful Valentine card from my blogging friend Carol.  Thank you so much Carol.  It even came on exactly the right day all the way from America - amazing!!

I did have two Valentines cards made up one for me to give Ben and one for him to give me...but we never got around to writing on them!! This is the one I was going to get.  So as it is still unwritten on I am giving it to you for coming over and reading my blog!

I used a cute LOTV die cut, a heart-shaped doily and pink pins.  Some chipboard hearts that i coloured with Copics.  Some swirls, flowers, ribbon, glitter and stitching.  The papers are from the same pad in my Valentines Candy and the ribbon is the same too.

I have had a busy week so far, hence the lack of blogging.  Not really interesting enough to write about...just jobs, appointments and tutoring.  Today is my first stay at home day and I have a man coming to clean our carpets.   Why is there always so much to do at, washing, gardening etc etc.  It really is a full-time job, home maintenance, isnt it??  My cupboard for the nursery that I bought over a month ago should be arriving in town this week.  If I am really lucky I might get it picked up on Saturday otherwise it will be next week.  Then I can really start organising things in the nursery and then I will post some pictures.

Ben has been photographing hundreds of photos with the new camera.  A few evenings ago I had to go and stand in itchy long grass in the next door neighbour's paddock and get eaten by enormous mosquitoes for one photo shoot.  He kept reminding me it was lucky I wasnt getting paid for this job, as I was doing a lot of complaining and squatting of mosquitoes.  I tried to assure him anyone in my position would do exactly the same thing!!!  Anyway here is a photo to prove I survived the ordeal.

I dont think I got any diseases from the mosquitoes...I havent had any strange symptoms as yet...fingers crossed!  Anyway, the good thing is that he is just loving taking photos and learning as much as he can about photography, so the camera was a worthwhile purchase.  Our Picasa library has exploded with hundreds of pictures...lots to sort through.

Well, I think that is about as long as I can stay and chat (or write)...there are jobs awaiting! 
I hope you have a beautiful day.
Thanks for stopping over at my blog.

Alicia xx
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