Friday, February 24, 2012

LOTV Baby Cards...

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I am having a stay at home day favourite type.  I havent achieved much yet.  My brother has been out here fixing some plumbing for us so I have been talking to him.  It is not often I get to hang out with him I have been making the most of it.  He has gone off to another job and to get more parts so until he comes back later it is onto my to-do list!  But first up, I thought I would share a couple of cards....

This next month or so a lot of my friends are having babies and the first two arrived this week.
They were both caesareans so I knew when to expect them.  The first one is  little girl named Nadiya Karis. I am not sure how you pronounce the first name as I have only received a text and an email.  She is my cousin's little girl and third child.  I was actually making this card as she was being born.  I guessed a girl and got it right!!  We had a power blackout for five hours when I made this card so I did it by candle light and torch light!  It was hard too, because I was trying to incorporate the pink and purple colours and it was difficult to see.

For both cards I used a LOTV die cut which you can purchase here.  These are fantastic for making quicker cards.  No colouring involved.  I also used a sentiment designed by Netty.  They are free if you are a follower of her blog and she has heaps to choose from.  I recommend you go and check them out here.

Here is the boy card...his name is Duncan Rodney (named after his Grandad).  He was born to one of my school friends who now lives in America.  It is her second boy.  This card is much more simple and fuss-free.  Same die cut and same digi sentiment.

I am still waiting on two friends to have no doubt you will be seeing more baby cards soon!  And my baby is only seven weeks away now...not so long to go I guess!

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I hope you have a fabulous day!

Alicia xx
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