Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Gratitude Link-Up


Welcome to a new idea I am trying on my blog...I have called it the "Gratitude Link-Up." Expressing Gratitude is one sure fire way to make you feel really happy and attract lots of goodness into your life. The more you do it (express gratitude) the better you feel.

If you would like to participate in this feel-good link-up you need to do four simple things:
  1. Take a photo of something you are really grateful for.  It could be something small or big...whatever you like.   (You may already have a photo you can use.)
  2. Post the photo on your blog with a few words to express your gratitude.
  3. Link your post to the link-up below.  Please include a link to my blogpost so other people may join in the fun.
  4. Leave a comment for someone else - this will make them smile : )
Thats it! Easy, fun and one small way we can make gratitude waves around the world.  I would love you to participate.

Here's my entry:

Nicky was giving me these beautiful big long hugs the other night and I asked Ben to take a photo because I wanted to capture the moment and remember it forever.
I am sooo grateful for the yummy hugs this gorgeous little boy gives.
He makes our lives so meaningful.  We are forever grateful for him.

Now its your turn!
Link up in the comments below and thanks for playing.
Alicia xxx
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