Thursday, November 27, 2014

Catch Up With Project Life - Progress Report

Challenge # 7 Mining for Stories

The Catch Up Project Life class was fantastic and I am sorry its over!

Challenge # 7 was Mining for Stories
I managed to complete my goal of finishing Journalling for July 2013.  This mean my 2013 Album is complete!!!

Challenge #8 Batch It

Challenge #8 was Batch It
I managed to print and insert all the photos for Nicky's Baby Album.  This was another one of my goals completed!

Still some catching up to do day I'll get there.

Thank goodness for the Collect App and the new Project Life App.
I could not continue with this project without the flexibility of photos on my phone!

By the way... my blog is currently getting a make over!
Stay tuned for a fresh new look coming soon!!

Alicia xx
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