Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Project Life Catch Up - First Three Challenges

Challenge One

I am taking The Project Life Catch-Up Class, and I started out strong!
The first three challenges I organised in the Pre-Class time.

Challenge #1 - Set Some Goals

This was easy enough.  I know the gaps I have that I need to fill.
I quickly jotted them down.
At this stage I can cross off "Slip in photos for July and August" because I have done that - yay!!!

Nothing else has been achieved so far.  I am having trouble dividing my time between this and my Christmas Card preparation for the school activity next week!  Eek! Where has the time gone???

Challenge Two

Challenge #2 was Print your photos.

I spent lots of time going through the photos from Nicky's first year and selected and printed all of the photos I wanted.  This took some time.  Ben took thousands and thousands of photos that year so there is a lot to sort through.  But its done! The next step for me is to put all the photos in the Album.

Challenge Three

Challenge #3 was organise your supplies.

This didn't take much for me to get together.  Everything was already here.
For me it is just dedicating the time to get it done.

Last week was Challenges #4, #5 and #6.

I have completed #4 and #5 just need to photograph my evidence and start #6.
Participating in the challenges is a great way to keep you on task.
I thought I would share it on my blog too.
More accountability!

Maybe your encouraging comments will spur me on!!!!!

Alicia xx

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