Friday, November 14, 2014

Quick and Easy Cards using Baby Cakes

Quick and Easy CardsI used some materials left over from the Picture My Life Baby Cakes Scrapbooking Program to make some cute little cards.

Quick and Easy Card

The first one is a baby card.  Gender neutral with this big white bow.

Quick and Easy Card

The second one is an "anything" card with this "smile" sentiment.

Quick and Easy Card

The third one is a birthday card with this quote.  There wasn't a lot of room for decorating so I simply added some gold ribbon and gold sequins.

Quick and Easy Card

The fourth one is another Happy Birthday card.  Very simple in design.

These cards I took as a present on Melbourne Cup Day.  Everyone had to bring a $10 present.
The presents got mixed up around the table and everyone had one to open. I hope the recipient enjoys sending out these cards : )

Nicky and I have been swimming every day this week.
He is loving being in the pool.
We are doing our own DIY swimming lessons.  So far they are going really well.  
We have bought him a life jacket which he is wearing in this photo.  
He thinks smiling is sticking his tongue out! 
We have to work on this!!  Not the best photo, but you get the idea ; )

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