Saturday, November 15, 2014

Catch up With Project Life - Second Three Challenges

Challenge #3

Challenge #4 - Change Your Time Perspective

This challenge was about considering if your time perspective is holding back your progress. 
In Nicholas' Baby Album I was having trouble sticking to my original plan of one page per month of his first year.  There was way too many photos I had to include.  So I set a new rule for myself that as long as I could keep the photos to an extra page or two its all good.  This made my progress easier and I managed to choose all the photos for this album.  The photos are all inserted now and I just have to go back and do all the journalling.  This could take quite awhile!

Challenge #4

Challenge #5 - Get Back on Track

This Challenge was all about getting back into it!
Slipping photos into pockets and making a start.
I put the photos I had from the Collect App for July and August in my album.

Challenge #5

 Challenge #6 - Use 3 Products

As the name suggests, you could only use three products for this challenge.  I chose letter stickers, Journalling Cards and Photos...very very simple!

Two weeks down in this class and only one to go.
I really don't want it to end.  It has been very inspiring.
I only wish I had more time to focus on it.  But I have been trying to make the Christmas card templates as well and cut up all the materials and emboss and stamp and buy supplies.  It has taken a lot more time than I first thought.  Probably a good thing as I might not have said yes!!  

I have decided on six cards.  The 30 children will be split into three groups and there will be three adults to direct a group each.  Each adult will demonstrate how to make two cards and assist the children in their group to do so.  The groups will rotate and in total the children will make six cards each.  This will make 180 cards in total which they wish to sell at the Carols on the following evening.  Mass production!!!

Hope you are having a lovely weekend,

Alicia xx
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