Friday, May 22, 2009

A Rainbow-Shaped Card

The idea of making a rainbow-shaped card came to me last night when I was too tired after the day at school to create a card.  Then tonight when I was blog-hopping I came across the Just Magnolia Shape Challenge.  I thought this challenge would be perfect for my rainbow card.  I picked a Magnolia stamp that would suit a little girl and I printed my rainbow template off the computer.  
We have started selling our cards at school.  Amanda and Lucinda have organised a little box in the staff room where we place our cards in snap-lock bags and staff can have a look through and opt to buy them if they wish.  Some of my work colleagues have also started visiting my blog.  How nice it is to hear that people look at your photos and read your blog over the internet.  I would like to say "Hi" to Denise and Jenny and thank them for visiting...Denise if you still need a "little-girl birthday card" this one is for you!
School is so crazy at the moment so I want to really concentrate on having fun this weekend.  A good break from the work hassles and worries.  I hope all of you reading have a lovely, relaxing weekend with time out for yourself.
Alicia xx
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