Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pocket Sillouettes Again

Good morning, another card this morning using Pocket Sillouettes. It was a bit of struggle to be honest. Couldn't seem to get my hands on things I wanted for this card like a big, thick, purple ribbon, so had to make do with the next best ribbon that coordinated with the card. But, no time to moan over that, I have too many cards to make today(although big, thick and purple ribbon would have looked heaps better)! This is for my cousin Diana whose birthday is today. She is a youth worker and I think she will like this sentiment.

This is an old photo of my sixth birthday. I am fifth in from the right and Diana is second in from the right. Diana has an older sister and brother and the three of them and the three of us (me, my sister and brother) spent every weekend playing together when we were little. I hope to scrap book this one day - if I ever get through all the cards I need to make! Hope you have a lovely Sunday. Thanks for visiting!
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