Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sweet Sketch Wednesday

Wow it has been a challenge to make a card and get it posted these last few days! But it feels so good to get one up tonight. This is for Sweet Sketch Wednesday. I try to participate in their weekly sketches, and I have only just made it this week seeing it is Tuesday night! I followed their sketch and went for a country-themed card for my cousin's wife who lives in the country as it is her birthday coming up this week or next.

We get tomorrow off school for the Brisbane Show Day holiday, so I am very happy about that. I plan to have a lovely day all to myself. I hope to make some more cards and treat myself to a massage.

We sold our cards at the Franciscan Festival (school fete) at my school on Sunday. We did very well. I sold 12 cards out of my 16 so I was very happy with that. Of course I have quickly spent the profits on some nestibilities and other treats from Bizzy Becs. Can't wait for them to arrive!

I hope you are having a really good week. Hump day tomorrow! Wont be long until it is the weekend.
(For those that haven't heard of "hump day" before it is an Aussie slang (I dont know if other countries use this word) term for the middle of the week. Imagine the days Monday to Friday are like a hill. Monday you start the climb, Tuesday you get higher. By the time you get to Wednesday you are at the top of the hill so you only have to go down from there and then after Thursday and Friday you are at the weekend! This is why Wednesday can be referred to as hump day. Hope that clears it up for the non-aussies reading. Thanks for asking!)
Take care,

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