Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Cupcakes and a Catch-up...

Goodmorning... Ben's last day at work today and they are having their Secret Santa and a farewell for him. He needed to bring a sweet plate so I made some cupcakes and decorated them in Christmas colours. I found some little chocolate balls wrapped in red, green and gold in Coles so I added them on top.

Last night we went to Brisbane for dinner for the pre-wedding dinner for my friend Jacqueline. I was very excited to see her, because I haven't seen her for three years as she has been teaching in Beijing. We used to teach together on Prep here at the Gold Coast. The wedding is this Saturday. Jacq and Bruce have a three week turn around while they get married. They have a Honeymoon in Noosa (Aust), Christmas with their family, then another honeymoon at the Maldives and then head back to Beijing to go back to school...They are going to be busy!

Today I plan to finish all my Christmas shopping except for one difficult gift...make some more Christmas cards...and possibly finish my book.

I hope you have a lovely day...and thanks for visiting!

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