Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Whats on your Work Desk Wednesday

Good evening blogging buddies,
This is my first ever time in participating in Whats on your Work Desk Wednesday, but seeing I am on holidays I thought why not? I would love to play along.

My desk is always pretty messy. I am a pretty messy worker. I tend to clean up at the end of a project not during one. On my desk tonight is a set of cards I am half-way through. They are wedding cards and I thought I would do some paper piecing. You can see in the photo below the bride and groom's tiny little outfits. It is kind of like playing paper dolls.
Now for a little description on my desk...
The three sets of drawers in the middle of my desk with the coloured handles are new...only about $8 from Bunnings...and they have helped me stay a little more organised. Next to the drawers in the magazine holder is all my paper scraps in plastic sleeves according to colour and plain or patterned paper. Across a bit from that is the green drawers that holds all my A4 card and on top of that some boxes holding envelopes and finished cards. To the left of the three coloured drawers is my Copic Markers collection and ink pads. You can half see a Magnolia Magazine on an easel near the lamp and the handle of the Cuttlebug. Everything else looks like it needs a bit of a clean-up!

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