Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cute Little Goat Card

Hi Blogging Beauties,

Hope you are having a lovely weekend.  I have been super busy with preparation for Mother's Day next weekend.  The cards have been selling like hotcakes at Aussie Cards for Sale...and I have been making, making and making. 

This card I made this morning for my sister.  Her daughter was going to a b'day party today.  It was for a little boy who lives down the road and he lives on a farm where we got our goat Millie from.  I printed off a goat colouring in page from the internet and pasted him on top of  CC Designs fence that was already coloured from ages ago.  Hope he liked it!

I can feel the scrapbooking bug coming over me again.  I am such a wannabe scrapbooker...that   doesn't get there very often...and the LOs I make I often hate...however I am very persistent and determined not to give up!!  I think what I struggle with the most is the unfinished nature of a scrapbook album.  With a card it is created and you give it away...done! With a scrapbook album I tend to start and stop and never get back to the completed album.  Well maybe this time I will!!

Stay tuned.  I am hoping to show you some LOs soon!  Thank you so much for reading my ramblings and a big cheery welcome to my new followers.

Alicia xx
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