Thursday, January 26, 2012

Farm Photo Cards

Hi Blogging Beauties,

I have something a bit different for you today...some photo cards.  

I made these top two for my Dad's birthday and the bottom one for my Grandad's birthday.
Sometimes I just have no idea what to make them for know...when you are totally lacking inspiration and you need a card in a hurry!!  These photo cards are very quick and easy.  Just print a photo off and paste it on and add a sentiment and you are done!

Apologies for the glare in the second card...I couldnt seem to avoid it.

These photos I took of my Mum and Dad's farm.  The first one is the sheep passing the dam.  The second one is two paddocks.  The nearest paddock has sheep and the greener paddock in the distance has round bales of oats in it.  The photo below is of a dead tree (maybe a bit depressing, but the colours in the sky are quite does look a bit better in real life...the truth is it was a left over photo that didnt fit in my project life album and was hanging around on my desk so it quickly got put onto a card.)  Maybe I should have a warning sign on my craft desk...dont hang around here too long or you might find yourself on a card!

The recipients actually really loved them, and everyone enjoyed passing the card around for a look.

Well, it is Australia Day here today.  So a Public Holiday.  And Country Music in Tamworth.  We went in to watch my brother perform his poetry this morning.  Then later tonight we are going to a Maton Guitar concert.  Ben gets the day off work!

Hope you have a happy day, wherever in the world you may live.

Alicia xx
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