Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tutorial for Colouring Blush Babette with Copics

Hi Blogging Beauties,

Here is my first photo tutorial.  There are 22 steps altogether.  
I have written it in a step-by-step fashion to try and explain how I coloured her.  
I apologise for the shadows in some of the photos.  I will try to correct that next time.
You can purchase this stamp here.
You can also see this tutorial on the Mad for Markers blog here.
Let's get into it shall we!

 I coloured Blush Babette using these colours:

Skin: E00, E11, R20
Hair: YR20, E31, E35
Greens: YG03, YG23, YG00

1. Colour the whole face, arms and legs with E00.

2. Trace the shadows with E11.

3. Colour the whole face, legs and arms again with E00.
4. Add some R20 to her cheeks and then blend with E00.

5. Trace the outlines on the front section of her hair with E35.
6. Use a flicking motion to flick into the centre of the fringe leaving white spaces.

7. Continue the flicking motion with E31, going over the E35 and further in onto the white.

8. Continue the flicking motion with YR20, going over the E31 and further in onto the white.
Still leave a bit of white space not coloured.

9. Enhance the fringe by going back over the lines and dark flicks with the E35.
10.  Follow exactly the same process with the two top sections of the hair with the E35, then the E31 and then the YR20.

11.  Follow the same procedure for the long parts of her hair.  
Leave white spaces where the light would be.

12. Add in some E31.

13. Add in some YR20.

14. Go back over the darker bits with E35.

15. Trace the pleat lines with YG23.

16. Go over the YG23 and further onto the white with YG03.

17. Go over the YG03 and further onto the white with YG00.  Leave some white spaces.

18.  Trace the dots in the bow and the hemline with YG23.

 19. Colour the bow and hemline with YG00.

Socks and Shoes
20. Use tiny flicking motions with the YG23 on the outsides of the socks and shoes.

21. Use tiny flicking motions with the YG03 covering the YG23 and going further into the white.

22.  Use tiny flicking motions with the YG00 going over both green colours, but still leaving a tiny bit of white.

Here she is finished and on a card!

I hope you might find this a little helpful.
If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment or send me an email.
I might try to do another tutorial soon.  If you have any requests on colours or stamps let me know.  Have a great day : )

Alicia xx


Sammi said...

Loving her in green! Thanks for a great tutorial Alicia!! xxx

Mary J said...

Really lovely Alicia and such a great tute - thank you! I gotta be braver and leave white space when colouring!

Carol Dee said...

Thanks for the how-to hair instructions. Nice tutorial. Hugs...

Jessie said...

Great tutorial Alicia!

Sandra H said...

Hi Alicia, Your tutorial was amazing and what a end result..........beautiful:) Sandra H

Loz said...

I haven't been able to comment on your blog for days - so playing a bit of catch up now!! I love your colouring... am thinking maybe some baby-bonus money will be very well spend on some markers!! :D