Sunday, April 11, 2010

30th Birthday Celebrations

On Friday night we had my 30th Birthday Party. The night was a great success. We had a bonfire, a spit (roasted lamb, potatoes and pumpkin on circulating cooking machine for anyone who doesnt know), a karaoke machine and lots of people! I promised to show some photos of the night. The "Tarts on Tour" (teachers from my old school on the Gold Coast) came and had a wild time. They made t-shirts for the occasion and we had photos in front of the Big Golden Guitar in Tamworth. The t-shirt has my head stuck on a cartoon cowgirl sitting on a fence.
It was a weekend full of many laughs and excitement. I haven't seen my friends since January when we moved so it was lovely to catch up with them all. There was about 50 people at the party and the Karaoke machine got a bit of a work out. Below is a picture of the bonfire and we toasted marshmallows right at the end of the night.

Its not my real birthday till the 15th...but I have had enough birthday celebrations to last me a good year! I hope you enjoyed looking at the photos.

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