Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Some Lucky Wins

I have had good luck recently...(I think it is since I had a lucky stone hidden in my piece of wedding cake in Japan) and I have won three competitions!!!!

My first win was with Magnolia Stamp Lovers for their Purple Challenge. I was lucky enough to win a yummy Magnolia exciting! I haven't inked her up yet as I need to purchase some Momento Ink to be able to colour her with my copics. Thank you Magnolia Stamp Lovers.
My second win was with Magnolialicious Highlites for their Make a Scene Challenge. I'm not sure about my prize yet...I only found out about this win yesterday. I was very excited about this win because I had totally forgotten about this card and thought the challenge was well and truely over! Thank you Magnolialicious Highlites.

My third win I found out about tonight is with There's Magic In the Air for their Clean and Simple Challenge. I picked out a gorgeous mermaid digi stamp for this which you can see here if you are interested. How exciting! Thank you There's Magic in the Air.

Thought I might share my good news with you all. I would also like to say a special "Thank you" to all my blogging buddies who leave me little comments on my cards. I really appreciate your "blogging friendships" and it makes making cards so much more fun to chat with people about what we are all so passionate about. Thank you for your friendship.

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