Friday, May 7, 2010

Japan Wedding Trip

Good evening fellow blogging buddies,
I am just back from our week in Japan...and what an exciting time we had!  You might need a cup of tea or coffee to go with this blog post...there is so much to share!
On Friday night after work we drove to the Gold Coast and arrived at about 1am.  We stayed in a hotel we love at Coolangatta.  I took a photo of the sunrise out our window the next morning.

We arrived in Tokyo Saturday night and found our hotel.  On Sunday we had alook around the suburb we were staying in - Shinjuku and did some shopping.  That night we went to a pre-wedding dinner.
Monday was the day of the wedding.  Kaori (the bride) looked stunning and had the most beautiful dress.  Matthew (the groom) who is Ben's cousin looked very handsome and together they made a gorgeous couple.  They got married in the Four Seasons Hotel in Tokyo.
  This is a picture of Ben and I at the wedding.  I had a lucky stone in my piece of wedding now I should have heaps of good luck!

After the wedding Ben, myself, Andrew and Seth went out until 3am in Shinjuku.  We had a very fun night walking around the city, visiting bars and singing very bad karaoke. Andrew (Ben's cousin) was singing Japanese Rap songs, Seth (an american friend of Matthew's) was singing Chinese Love songs...I did my bit and sang some songs in English...feeling very limited in the foreign language department! We met some shady characters out late that brand new red shoes walked miles and miles and I didnt even get a blister!

The next day (Tuesday) we went and had a traditional Japaneses lunch and climbed a mountain to a temple.  On Wednesday we had more shopping and then a family dinner at Ben's Auntie and Uncle's house.

On Thursday we went to Tokyo Disneyland.  The parades were spectacular, the costumes, music and dancing, they certainly know how to put on an amazing show.  We went on as many rides as we could and had loads of fun feeling like kids again in a magical land.
Thursday night we flew home to Australia and then drove the eight hours back to Tamworth.  It was a very busy and exhausting trip, but with memories to last a life time.
I hope you enjoyed the photos and the recount of my week...much more interesting than a normal week at school for me.  I hope to back later this weekend with my rushed Mother's day cards...take care.


mckinkle said...

Wow what a super time you had Alicia! Thanks for sharing all of those photos as Tokyo is definitely somewhere I would never be able to see and what a beautiful sunrise you shared from your hotel room.

Keryn x

Carol Dee said...

WOW. It sounds like everyone had a great time. you look fabulous in your red dress. :)

Aussie Loz said...

wow! It looks wonderful, how exciting to travel so far to share their special day! Her dress looks stunning in your photo! And Disneyland! I am so jealous!
Have fun getting back to reality (loads of washing to do?)... can't wait to see your Mum's day cards ♥

Leigh said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time Alicia.

Kerrie said...

Wow, sounds like you have had one busy week, thanks for sharing you wonderful photo's ..... you look fantastic, and glad you didn't get any nasty blisters! ..... did you live up to 'the woman in red'

stephanne said...

What a fabulous weekend this must have been, now it will take you a good week to catch up on rest, but from your photos, wow, how fabulous!! Love that view out your hotel window!! And since I can't help myself from reading ahead, that lucky coin you found in the wedding cake, mixed with your talent, of course, has already started taking effect!!!